Nozomi Omote

Nozomi OmoteNozomi Omote is a passionate freelance percussionist and educator based in Brisbane who performs different styles including classical, Latin, new and early music.

She has worked with several professional orchestras such as Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Camerata St John's chamber orchestra, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa also contemporary ensemble groups such as Clocked Out, Speak Percussion, and Southern Cross Soloists. She is a member of Australian percussion group, Early Warning System. She toured with them to Texas (U.S.A) as a part of PASIC in 2015, where they played Australian compositions.

After doing a Bachelor of Education at Kanazawa University in Japan, she moved to Brisbane in 2003 and completed a Master of Music Studies at Queensland Conservatorium with Vanessa Tomlinson and Tom O’Kelly. In 2004, she won the Hokuriku young performer competition, which allowed her to play as marimba soloist with Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa. In a same year, she won the Ishikawa prefecture new artist scholarship.

She teaches at several places including Queensland College of Music, Just Percussion, Queensland Youth Orchestra and the Percussion Department at the Queensland Conservatorium.

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